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  • Emotions in between emotions
Emotions in between emotions
Steve Dean Mendes

9789464363050, Hardback
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Since 2018 I started working on this project. In a world where Photoshop creates the stereotype of perfect and flawless images, I decided to row against the stream and do just the opposite as a photographer.
By deciding not to retouch my images and not to use makeup for my models, only using natural light in the studio, I created a safe environment for my protagonists, initiating a process of removing all masks. In this series I prefer working predominantly with women and I try, through art, to facilitate the experience for self-discovery and acceptance.
My aim is to capture raw and unaltered emotions and to present a story of love, joy, but also of pain, suffering and abandonment.
Inspired by the great Flemish Old masters and the Pre-Raphaelite movement, I want to show real human beings with all their natural fragility and beauty of the soul.
Emotions In Between Emotions is a book about love and hope. This art book invites you to step in an emotional journey through Fine Art portraiture, while guiding you back to the roots of your own self… just like it did with me.
With your support I can spread this message of hope to the world in the best possible conditions.

Taal Engels
Uitgever Stockmans Art Books
Publicatiedatum 15-09-2021