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  • Mastering Composition
Mastering Composition
Richard Garvey-Williams

9781781450635, Paperback
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Citing examples gleaned from a study of history - the Ancient Greeks' Golden Rule; Fibonacci's mathematical ratio; and the principles known as the Gestalt theory - professional photographer and author Richard Garvey-Williams, analyses the concepts, rules and guidelines that define successful composition in photography and offers practical guidance to achieving great results. In clear, concise and jargon-free text he also considers the role of tone and colour in good composition, and offers invaluable tips and the tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process. The book is illustrated with examples of the author's own beautiful nature photography, along with diagrams and notation to explain techniques most clearly.
Taal Engels
Uitgever Guild Of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd
Publicatiedatum 01-04-2014