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  • Posture 52: Reclining Fragments
Posture 52: Reclining Fragments
Maarten Inghels

9789491262579, Hardback
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Reclining Fragments, Ritsart Gobyn’s second book is the sequel to In Between and, as if by some miracle, thus completes the sentence: ‘In Between Reclining Fragments’.
Where In Between still hesitated between indicating place or time, the complete sentence ‘In Between Reclining Fragments’ seems to indicate a place: somewhere between reclining fragments.
But in the conversation between Ritsart and Maarten Inghels – the author of the text accompanying the book – it is again emphatically about time: “‘As yo
Taal Nederlands
Uitgever Exhibitions International
Publicatiedatum 21-06-2023