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  • Architect Léon Stynen
Architect Léon Stynen
Marc Dubois

9789461617569, Hardback
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Rediscover the inspiring work of the Belgian architect, Léon Stynen (1899-1990).
Unpublished texts and family photos from the modest giant with 990 projects to his name. A reaffirmation of modernism for what it is: a radical shift that continues to influence our times.
The two casinos, in Knokke and in Ostend, the pavilions at Expo '38 in New York and Expo '58 in Brussels, the BP building in Antwerp, the deSingel arts centre in Antwerp, single-family homes, and designs for cruise ships, cinemas, and furn
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Uitgever Snoeck Publishers
Publicatiedatum 25-05-2023