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  • Science Fictions
Science Fictions
Stuart Ritchie

9781529110647, Paperback
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'Required reading for everyone' Adam Rutherford Medicine, education, psychology, economics - wherever it really matters, we look to science for guidance. But what if science itself can't always be relied on? In this vital investigation, Stuart Ritchie reveals the disturbing flaws in today's science that undermine our understanding of the world and threaten human lives. With bias, careless mistakes and even outright forgery influencing everything from austerity economics to the anti-vaccination movement, he proposes vital remedies to save and protect science - this most valuable of human endeavours - from itself. * With a new afterword by the author * 'Thrilling... Reminds us that another world is possible' The Times, Books of the Year 'Excellent... We need better science. That's why books like this are so important' Evening Standard
Taal Engels
Uitgever Vintage Publishing
Publicatiedatum 01-09-2021