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  • Art escapes
Art escapes
Grace Banks

9783967040524, Hardback
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Art exists all around us, sometimes hidden in plain sight and sometimes in the remote corners of the world. Art Escapes explores exciting art outside conventional spaces, freely available for those willing to discover creativity on another plane. Here, landscape and locale are the canvas. From the Italian countryside via the Las Vegas desert to the forests of Scandinavia, and beyond, culture editor Grace Banks offers a new bucket list for art lovers who like the road less traveled. From quirky sculptural gems to striking installations in the landscape, these pieces combine art and place into unique experiences. Art Escapes is a global guide to outdoor artists-both established and emerging-who make art for everyone to enjoy. Let it inspire your next trip away from the crowds.
Taal Engels
Uitgever Die Gestalten Verlag
Publicatiedatum 13-04-2022