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  • History of Art in Japan
History of Art in Japan
Nobuo Tsuji

9780231193412, Paperback
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History of Art in Japan is a fully illustrated overview of Japanese art, written by one of Japan's most distinguished art historians. This masterful account of the country's exceptional cultural heritage sheds light on how Japan has nurtured distinctive aesthetics, prominent artists, and movements that have achieved global influence and popularity. A leading authority on Japanese art history, Tsuji Nobuo discusses works ranging from the Jomon period to contemporary art, from earthenware figurines in 13,000 BCE to manga, anime, and modern subcultures. He explains crucial aspects of Japan's many artistic mediums and styles-including paintings, ukiyo-e, ceramics, sculpture, armor, gardens, and architecture-covering thousands of years. Drawing on newly discovered archaeological findings and the latest research, the book examines Japanese art in various contexts, including Buddhist and religious influences, aristocratic and popular aesthetics, and interactions with the world. Generously illustrated with hundreds of full-color images, maps, and figures, History of Art in Japan is an indispensable resource for all those interested in this multifaceted history, illuminating countless aspects of Japanese art for scholars and general readers alike.
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Uitgever Columbia University Press