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  • The City of Belgium
The City of Belgium
Brecht Evens

9781770463424, Hardcover
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An exquisitely drawn exploration of three lost souls emotional terrain. As night falls in the City of Belgium, three strangers in their late twenties a most dangerous age arrive at a popular restaurant. Jona is about to move away; he calls his wife, who s already settled in Berlin, before trying to make plans with friends for one last night on the town. No one bites they re all busy or maybe they just don t want to party but he s determined to make this night something to remember. Victoria is lively and energetic, but surrounded by friends and family who are buzzkills, always worrying about what is best for her. Rodolphe glumly considers his own misery and then suddenly snaps out of it, becoming the life of the party. The three careen through the city s nightlife spots.
Taal Engels
Uitgever Drawn And Quarterly
Publicatiedatum 01-06-2021